Richard Perkins


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My name is Richard Perkins
Dirty East

Solo Exhibitions
Virginia.Love.Hip-Hop. Pacers, Norfolk VA, 2017
"Piano Lessons Can Be Murder!", The Camel, Richmond VA, 2015
Richard Perkins “For What It’s Worth”, The First Banana, Philadelphia Pa, 2014
Richard Perkins Presents: “Portraits of Musicians”, 757 Creative Space, Norfolk Va, 2012
Defence Against The Dark Arts, MOCA VA, 2010

Selected Group Exhibitions
A Map To The Stars - Charlies American Cafe' Norfolk, VA 2016
Brick Haus – Portsmouth, VA 2015
Peanut Butter Fluxx – Norfolk, VA, 2013
Cellph Made – An Open Submission Cell Phone Photography Show, MOCA VA, 2012
Who Are You Going To Trust, Me Or Your Lying Eyes, VA MOCA pop up gallery, 2012
under_spaces, Milwaukee, WI, 2012
T -Shirt Stories, MOCA VA, 2011
Photography Exhibition, MOCA VA, 2010
Love Looks Better In The Morning, Selden Gallery , Norfolk VA 2010
Virginia Under towing Company, The Artful Dodger , Harrisonburg VA 2010
Hang em’ High, C’monwealth, Norfolk VA 2009

Values666 - "Sad Girl" cassette released on Leather Daddy Bubblebath, 2017
Lou Breeders, Old Baby and Values666 Split cassette "Old Breeders 666" released in 2016 on Leather Daddy Bubblebath.
Sister Abigail – “Only The Lonely Start To Get Holy” EP, 2015
Values666 - "Please Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead" (Live Recordings), 2015

"Art Bars" Handmade Zine collaboration with Comic Book Artist Jefferey Onwularu. 2017
Tiesto & Bobby Puma - "Making Me Dizzy", actor, 2016
Old Baby - Bats, Director, Editor, 2015
Old Baby - Grave, Director, Editor, 2014
Maul Rats – Short snippet films, Director, 2014
Ikagura – “Revelation Girl” Director, 2014
Eternal Summers – “A Burial” Assistant Director/Actor, 2014
Perk – “Zombie Flesh Omelette” Co-Director, 2014
Suburban Livings – “Video Love” Director, 2014
AKOO – Artist Collaboration, 2014
Hamburger Eyes – Romance Warrior III, 2013
M Watts ft. Pusha T – “Liberachi” BTS, 2013
DMP ft. Pusha T – “How Many Tears” Assistant Director, 2013
Blood Of The Young – “Titanic” Solo Zine, 2013
Play Cloths, Artist Collaboration, 2013
Deathface Feat @LILINTERNET “Six Feet Deep” Director, 2012
Magick Margaritasville, Co-Director, (short film) 2012
Fam-Lay, “Skrung Owt”, Co-Director, 2012
Hamburger Eyes, Romance Warriors II, 2012
Hamburger Eyes, Speak Of The Devil, 2012
Psychic Sacrifyx, collaborative zine with John Vitale release at MOCA VA 2011
Cannonball City, cover artist, monthly culture publication, 2011
Urban Outfitters , From Elsewhere, blog featured artist 2011
RVA Magazine, front cover/four page interview 2011
Blood of The Young Publications, It’s Never To Late To Be What You Might Have Been, zine 2011
Pas Un Auture ,Je Vais Et Je Viens, Entre Tes Reins, blog 2011
Pas Un Auture, Who The Fuck is Richard Perkins, blog, featured artist 2011
RVA, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, Group Photo Book 2011
Fecal Face “Photo of The Day” multiple posts 2009-2011





GIF John Sebastian Vitale, @LILINTERNET and I did for XL RECORDINGS/Vampire Weekend “Modern Vampires Of The City”

Old Breeders 666 cassette split (Old Baby, Lou Breeders and Values666)

Tiesto & Bobby Puma "Making Me Dizzy" Video I acted in.

Values666 "Sad Girl" FULL LENGTH ALBUM